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Annual Writing Contest  

               Southern Breeze, SCBWI
                Annual Writing Contest

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Judges are asked to give feedback on all entries!

Illustrated Books
(Fiction & Nonfiction)

Katherine Jacobs
Roaring Brook Press

Middle Grades and Young Adult Novels

Joe Monti
Barry Goldblatt Literary

Writing Contest Coordinator
Kristen Applebee



1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners
Each category's winning authors, titles, and manuscripts’ genres will be acknowledged in the:
      •  Southern Breeze News
      •  Southern Breeze Web Site
      •  Judges’ Choice album at annual Southern Breeze conferences
      •  Winners receive a Southern Breeze, SCBWI Writing Contest Award Certificate

Each 1st Place Winner
     •  Also receives FREE tuition to the next year's Southern Breeze Fall Conference!

Judges reserve the right to withhold prizes in any category with insufficient entries or scores.


Entries Due                                    Between June 1 – June 30 Annually
Open To                                          Current SCBWI members in the Southern Breeze Region and those who
                                                              attended the previous Springmingle Conference
Eligible to Win                               Only unpublished and un-contracted work
Winners Announced                   At our Annual Fall Conference 
      (Entrants do not have to be present to win; notifications also emailed after announcement)

Every piece of work (illustration or writing) you submit to a professional must be your very best. It will have stiff competition. Whether you’re submitting it to a contest (such as this), or for publishing consideration (separate from our contest), first impressions are extremely important. First drafts are rarely masterpieces. Every submission should have been revised, critiqued - by your critique group(s) or professional(s) – and fine-tuned as much as possible. We want our Southern Breezers to achieve their goals. The contest rules listed below are designed to help you succeed. Best of luck to each of you! 

(Note: After the contest you should receive a scoring sheet from the judge. Consider the judges' suggestions, go through the revising process again, and submit your fine-tuned work to appropriate publishing houses.  Remember, when submitting to a professional for publication consideration, each publishing house has unique needs. Its important to research and follow their specific submission guidelines.) 

•  Proper Formats Only         Improperly formatted manuscripts will be disqualified

Acceptable Fonts              12-point font, Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier only

All Manuscript Pages        Must include d
ouble spacing and one inch margins (sides and bottom) Must be void of your name, any identifying information, or contact information Must include a header with title and page number 

•  Manuscript’s First Page   C
ontest genre (category) and word count in upper right corner Text should start at least 3 inches from the top of the page

Chapters                             Begin new chapters on a new page Include consecutive, complete, first chapters (i.e., chapters 1, 2, and 3) Maximum length accepted is 10 pages; include complete chapters only. No partial chapters.

•  Co-Authored Manuscripts Both authors must submit a statement that the manuscript has been submitted with the
knowledge and
permission of each author. Also, only one prize is awarded for each winning entry; state who will be accepting the prize should the entry be named a winner. Both authors must be current Southern Breezers.

Cover Sheet                       Must include separate cover sheet with your name, contact information, title of work, and
contest category. This is
not counted in the 10 page limit.

•  Notification                         To receive your entry's scoring sheet with judge’s comments, and notification of the list of
winners, a #10 envelope with a 
first class
postage stamp must be included with your entry. All manuscripts will be recycled.

•  Original/Undiscovered      Entries are not required to be exclusive submissions, however, entries are required to be original, unpublished, and un-contracted manuscripts. Should an entry become acquired after contest opens for submissions, and before contest winners are announced, that submission becomes disqualified. This allows another deserving Breezer a chance for recognition. After all, receiving a contract typically trumps winning a contest!     

•  Secure Pages                   Group all pages together with a gem clip rather than leaving them loose, or stapling, etc.  

•  2 Separate Contests  Each member may submit one manuscript to the Writing Contest and one piece of art to the
Illustration Contest at the same time -- our 
writing and illustrating contests are two separate
contests. (Do not send, dummies, illustrations or photos to the Writing Contest, nor
manuscripts or dummies to the Illustration C

•  Due Date                           All entrees must be received by midnight of the due date, regardless of the postmarked date

•  Awards Ceremony           Participants do not have to be present
at the WIK conference to win, but it's much more fun if
they are!
Notifications will be mailed after the conference provided a SASE has been enclosed with entry.

•  Nonfiction
Nonfiction Picture Book – send complete manuscript, up to 10 pages, maximum of 1500 words (no art)
Nonfiction Middle Grade / Teen – send complete chapter(s) up to 10 pages (no art)

•  Picture Books for Children
Fictional Picture Book – send complete manuscript – up to 10 pages, maximum of 1200 words (no art)
Easy Reader – send complete manuscript – up to 10 pages (no art)
Poems – send up to 4: if more than one, poems must be related (no art)

•  Novels
Middle Grade / Teen – send complete chapter(s) up to 10 pages (no art)
You may include a one page synopsis and/or cover letter as well, but they do count as part of the 10 pages.  
A maximum of 10 pages will be accepted so please adjust entries accordingly.

If 1st chapter is longer than 10 pages; it must be shortened to 10 pages or less to enter.
If 1st two chapters total 8 pages; enter both.
If 1st two chapters equal 11 pages; only submit the 1st one.
Novels in verse; send complete poems – up to 10 pages.


SCBWI Southern Breeze
P.O. Box 26282
Birmingham, AL 35260